Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here We Go

Work has been tough the past few weeks.   Leaving the house at 7am getting home at 2am kind of weeks.  Working weekend kind of weeks.   Working for seven hours on a scene only to have it torn apart in seconds kind of weeks. 

But the season is over.   It's time to start cycling again.    Or is it?   The big decision right now is do I sit out a month or not.  Will the stress effect the follicles that are starting to grow?   Should I let my body start to heal first?    Eat healthy, exercise, get massages and accupuncture? 

I went to the RE today.  I have just a few small cysts, like my successful (Bea) cycle.  I have more follicles than my Bea cycle.  Things look good.  So we're gonna see what happens.  I'm getting blood work tomorrow morning and then I go in on CD3 (probably Monday).  If things look good we start injections and then IVF #3 is just a few weeks away.   Crazy.

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