Thursday, December 30, 2010

The First 6 Weeks

They're HARD.

I am not a newborn person. I feel bad typing this since I tried so hard for a baby and there are so many others still desperate to be where I am.

But the first month of Bea's life was really hard for me. First I suffered from a pretty bad case of Baby Blues. Thank God my husband felt an immediate bond with my daughter, cause I sure didn't. I didn't really want to hold her or take care of her - I just went through the motions.

I think a big reason for this was breastfeeding. My body decided to not make a lot of milk. So something that was already stressful (breastfeeding...also REALLY hard) became even more so. Bea lost a lot of weight and was not peeing at all - despite THREE lactation consultants. Every breastfeed (and there were a lot of them) was a horrible, painful experience. So basically every time I held my daughter I associated her with this horrible pain and stress.

We ended up supplementing with formula - and I felt like a HUGE failure. After all that I did during my IF days (lets face it...I'll always carry IF with me) the one positive was that I felt like I was so strong and could do anything. Here was something I was failing at and all of a sudden the accomplishments of the past 3 years meant nothing. I wasn't strong. I was weak.

Then I had to start pumping. Why you ask? bout I picked up a crazy infection called MRSA while in the hospital (go it...scare the shit out of yourself). I was super infectious and couldn't even TOUCH Bea nevermind skin to skin as she suckled at my teat. To sum up the worst of the MRSA I had a quarter wide, inch deep piece of my stomach cut out while I was totally conscious and felt all of it....and that was just a small part of the pain and fear I felt for a few weeks.

I cried my eyes out every day. Begging the universe to tell me why everything had to be so hard for me. When did I get a break.

So shitty couple of weeks right? What about now?

Everything is so much better. I'm still pumping and supplementing - but I feel less guilty about it. Still have a big old wound on my tummy - but the infection is gone, the pain is gone, and I'm on the mend. And Bea? I got my break. I could not love this child more. Look at that picture up there! I get to see that face whenever I want. (and at 3am...when I don't want to) The newborn stage is gone. Now she's smiling, making eye contact. She's giggling and recognizing me. I understand what her cries mean (most of the time). She's so much fun. And it's only getting better and better. I know I'm biased, by somehow I ended up with the cutest, sweetest, most easy going baby in the world. I can't wait to see what our future holds.

I think I wrote this post because like my IVFs and IF I want everyone to know what I went though. Just like I'm not embarassed/ashamed that my daughter was created in a lab i am not embarassed/ashamed that I wasn't head over heels in pure mommy bliss from day one.

I don't think I'm alone. And neither are you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beatrice Ann

Finally after 3 years. 2 IVFs. 9 months. HUNDREDS of needles.... She's here.

A successful induction (it can be done). An epidural (held off as long as I could). 5cm-birth in about 3 hours. 30 minutes of actual pushing.

Nov. 17th at 5:32pm. 8 pounds 9 ounces. 20.6 inches.

Baby Bea.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Final Two Week Wait

Everything about pregnancy was new to me. Until now.

The last two weeks are so very familiar.

It's the two week wait. Except a little different. Every cramp, every twinge, boob pain, discomfort, back pain, temperature change, feeling "off", feeling "great"... they were all signs I read into every month for the past 3 years. And now they are all signs I'm reading into today. Instead of searching the TP for spotting to show implantation, I'm looking for the bloody show. Instead of I'm googling "how did you feel before labor".

Of course there is on amazing difference...I know how this will end. And pretty soon Beautiful Baby Bea will be here.

Very soon. If I don't go before - my induction is scheduled for the 17th.

11.17.10 That feels like a good day to have a baby.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Full Term

Well in a day or two.

I don't know what to say.

Our nursery is done (almost). Our hospital bags are packed. There is a car seat in our car.

We're going to have a baby any day/week now.

Life is so insanely good I almost can't handle it.

That's all.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

28w5 days a.k.a. When Things Get Good

I've been in third trimester for over a week now. I feel Bea moving everyday. I can even watch my stomach bumping up and down while I'm working. Despite the fact that I'm getting bigger and more uncomfortable I have never felt better.

THIS is what I was waiting for. Some sense of calm. Not questioning every weird CM. Ever minute without movement. Every new ache or pain. The JOY of pregnancy.

Is it any wonder my Blood Pressure has gone way down recently?

The nursery is in progress. We have a crib, dresser and glider. Every night I go in there, sit on my glider and just rock for a little bit. I really love that room.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. (I'm obese and there is a history on both sides of the not really a shocker). I've been on the diet for about 3 weeks. My sugars are great. I don't have that many cravings. And my OB is cool letting Bea stay put (if she wants) til at least my due date if not longer.

Speaking of long I'm growing one heck of a kid in here. At my last ultrasound roughly 2.5 weeks ago she was already weighing in at close to 3 pounds. Her legs are in the 97th percentile! She as a whole is in the 96th. Her stomach (a better indicator of GD related growth) is only in the mid-80s so this is not a crazy overfed sugar baby. This is a long legged (like her mother) big headed (like her father) chunky monkey.

And I can't wait to meet her.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Freak Out

This week my boss's wife had a baby. A little girl. I was happy for them and excited for me. I realized that will be me in a few more months.

And that started my emotional downfall. Oh no. A little bit of faith. Actually letting myself think about a take home baby. Time to start sabotaging my happiness. First it was weird (explainable) discharge. Then a phone call to the OB office. A great conversation with one of the doctors saying if I'm not bleeding/crampy/feeling pressure it's all good.

Okay, I'm not feeling any of those things. Or am I? What's that pain? Is my discharge a little darker than usual? Would I call that a light brown?! That could be old blood! Oh God my stomach is hard. Braxton Hicks??!?!?! And did I always have that pressure feeling in my groin!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Yes, that's right. The pure act of letting myself feel even for a second that this pregnancy will result in a baby caused me to forget what it felt like to be pregnant the day before. Every sensation was new and scary.

I knew it was all in my head. Everything could be justified. But the panic...the TERROR just built. So I went to my OB's office today. The receptionist asked me my symptoms. I told her they were all in my head. I just needed someone to tell me it was all going to be okay. The receptionist was so cool. Though I was crying she told me don't worry about it. It's my right to come here and get checked out whenever I needed it. She even came to check on me after my appointment was over.

Next I see the nurse practitioner. Another awesome lady who did a swab, blood pressure, weight and after hearing why I was there told me I needed to find a way to cope with the anxiety. Therapy/prenatal yoga were a few suggestions. I said I knew logically things were find, but I asked if I could still get an Ultrasound. She said I could get one whenever I wanted.

My two fears were low fluid and a shortening cervix. We immediately saw Bea's heartbeat. She's so cute. Over a pound now and "above average" (what a proud mom I am). The fluid was fine. Next stop the cervix. It has always been about a 4 and I was so scared it would be much shorter. Instead it had grown. It was now almost 5.

Proof. Proof that everything was alright. But honestly when has there ever been a moment in this pregnancy where an u/s should anything but a perfect Bea? And yet I still get scared.

So we have the final conversation with the nurse and she tells me more often than not things turn out fine. She's seen heroin addicts have healthy babies. Our bodies were designed for this. Things will be okay. And I listened. And I believed. She said I should be enjoying this time. Not wasting it. I totally agree. Then the kicker. She said if I'm like this now how will I be when there is a baby.
This got to me because I always assumed this was a pregnancy thing with me. I'm not one of those super anxious girls. I'm not a hypochondriac or anything like that. This is the first time I've ever felt this out of control. But what if it's not just about pregnancy? What if it bleeds into my parenting? I don't want to live like this.

So I'm going to try extra hard. We're going to buy the furniture and paint the nursery and why shouldn't we? We having a baby.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm a "fluffy" mom to be. In other words a fatty fatty fat fat. We thought it was going to take a while for my husband to get to feel Bea move. But we lucked out. She likes to kick hard in that little area between my stomach and my nether region. You know what I'm talking about. Right where the underwear stops. Think of a guy with a HUGE beer gut. See his pants below his stomach? She kicks at the belt buckle. You know from now on I'm going to call that area the belt buckle.

And when she kicks there I can put my hand on the belt buckle and feel it. And I tell my husband to come over and put his hand there. And then my stubborn little girl, who had been doing jazzercise up to that point, stops and he feels nothing. And we're in that awkward Twister type pose for ten minutes until he gets bored and stops.

Last night Bea was up to her usual antics and I told my husband to come over. He sat down and she stopped. But then POW. A huge kick. And my husband's face lit up the way it did when I told him we were pregnant. It was amazing.

I may be too cynical and too informed to be one hundred percent naively excited about this pregnancy, but thank God my husband can still enjoy it. And I can enjoy it through his enjoyment. I can enjoy it when we pull out the doppler and hear the heartbeat and he gets so excited. I can enjoy his texts that say "I love you two too". And I can enjoy it when my mom talks about her "Sweet Bea" and my MIL says she can't wait to see "what will Bea". (how lucky that we picked a name with so many puns ;o)

I feel so lucky that I can give that to them.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Half Baked

I am officially on the downhill. Monday was 20 weeks. Friday was my anatomy scan. I don't want to brag but the word "perfect" was thrown around a few times. Also the term "Bigger mother" (I'm over six feet tall and obese) so we're going back at 24 weeks to look at everything again. We found out our daughter has a big head (like her dad), long legs (like her mom) and a tiny stomach (no idea where that came from).

I started feeling Bea move. A little at first. You know how they say it feels like butterflies or popcorn or other pretty little similes? To me it felt like when you are in a pool and you fart and the bubbles go up your bathing suit....just inside and not as hard. Now she's moving more and more. Kicks and all. I love it.

I also had another milestone. Today was my first post pregnant OB appointment that didn't involve an U/S. She just weighted me. Checked my (high) blood pressure. Listened for the (amazing/beautiful/still unbelievable) heartbeat. Then asked how I was doing. A couple of discharge questions later (yes mucousy discharge is fine...also your discharge can be yellowish in color....The more you know) and we were handed our bottle of orange soda for the glucose test in four weeks. That was it. How....normal.

In is she finally ready to accept the fact that she's having a baby news....there is a stroller in our house as we speak. There is also a collection of babylegs, a couple of onsies, paint to start the nursery, some nursery art and bedding has been ordered. How's that for a girl who has spent the last couple of months waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My best friend and I share a lot. We are writing partners. We live about a mile from each other. We both met our husbands on the same website. We call each other "Wifie" because we are that big a part of each others' lives.

Well one thing we share that I wish we didn't was IF. We also share one failed IVF. And while my #2 was successful. She's still waiting for the go ahead to try it again.

Check out her new blog. She's funny.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

17 weeks

I don't know why anyone would still be following this blog since I haven't posted in 9 weeks. It's difficult to update. Either I'm worried about something (bleeding at 10 weeks....menstrual cramping at 16 weeks) and I'd feel like a huge ass complaining about the fear on a blog that was once an infertility blog. If I was reading it I'd think WTF you're PREGNANT enjoy it. You want real fear? Don't you remember the fear of not knowing if you could actually get pregnant or not?

OR it's the rare day I actually believe I'm going to have a baby and it's such a fragile fleeting moment I don't want to disturb it or jinx it.

As has been the theme in many of my post pregnancy posts...IF takes a lot from you. Even when you get pregnant it still takes.

Now on to good (great, amazing, holy crap) news. I'm 17 weeks pregnant. My belly is growing. We're almost to the part where it's more baby than fat. We had a surprise U/S this week (see early menstrual cramping at 16 weeks) and we found out 1. baby is perfect and measuring right on time. 2. My cervix is still long and tight (TMI?) so the cramping is just my body handling pregnancy and is not affecting anything. 3. It's a girl!!!!!!

I still can't believe it. It's so surreal. I'm not feeling movement yet so every time I see HER on the U/S machine it just feels like I'm watching TV as a tech covers me with goo. But SHE'S real. SHE'S inside me. SHE'S coming in five months.

I'm getting more confident in this. I even ALMOST bought a stroller today. (then decided let's see what the 20week scan shows....)

Monday, April 12, 2010

8 Weeks

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. Though I am extremely appreciative to be here it still is this weird limbo place. I'm starting to believe the fact that I'm going to have a baby. I'm starting to get excited. But when I get excited I get nervous.

Yesterday was a great example of that. I had hit 8 weeks. A day I've been waiting for. I know I'm still not out of the woods, but pre-pregnancy I always saw 8 weeks as this mystical place. Your ultrasound shows something that kind of looks like a baby. Your m/c rate goes down to a small percentage. It was a safe(r) zone.

Well I woke up at 8 weeks with an intense case of food poisoning. Vomiting. Diarrhea. I was weak, tired, covered in sweat. And of course I assumed I hurt/killed my nugget. Horrible day.

Today we went in for an ultrasound and Nugget looked great. Giant compared to last week. Heart beating away. The doctor said everything looked perfect and we should be excited.

So at this moment I'm going to do just excited....maybe.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You Know You Have a Great BFF When....

She drives to your house to give you a shot in the ass.

And it's not the first time she's done it.

Thank you so much Jess. I can never repay you.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Have a Heartbeat

Well, according to my RE it's not technically a "heart" yet, because it's too early for organs. And it's not pumping blood it's pumping fluids. But whatever it was there.

Baby is measuring right on time. It's crazy how much more there was at this ultrasound than the last a mere 5 days ago. Last time it was a sac and a blur. Now there's a sac and a non-descript white thing. And it's awesome!

Today....later today....maybe tomorrow if I don't have the guts....I'm going to buy pregnancy books on Amazon. DH and I have been pretty cautious about buying if it will jinx us. But we agreed when we see heartbeat we could buy a book or two. A stroller? That might be after my water breaks.

I want to take a minute to thank each and every one of you who read this. For Annie who was my angel last IVF sending me free meds all the way from the East Coast. Still now...9 months later, I think of how much that gesture meant to me. To Suzie (who has an amazing blog for those that choose/needed to formula feed) you have been there everyday for the last 2+ years of this. You have only ever said things to make me feel better which is amazing considering the landmines you had to navigate around. To those who have beaten IF and have been very comforting during these past extremely scary weeks. You have no idea how each "that happened to me" or "not a big deal" has calmed me down.

And finally to those still struggling with IF...if you're even still around. I know I used to stop going to blogs at this point because it was just too painful.... There is no reason this should be me and not you. It's unfair. This whole fucking thing is so unfair. People long removed from this hell say it was the worst time in their lives. And it lasts years....fucking years. And even when you get to this still takes from you. Every second of the past 3 weeks I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. I feel like an imposter. I assume with ever cramp, every day I'm not sick, every time the ultrasound wand is inserted that this will be over and I'll be back to the woman who's trying to get pregnant...because that's who I am. Good luck to all of you and may your next IUI, IVF or break cycle bring you the utter fear that this IVF brought me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Have a Bean!

There he/she is. No heartbeat yet and no fetal pole but a beautiful yolk sack, so I am thrilled.

Well, thrilled isn't the exact word. Thrilled would imply I thought in November I'd be a mommy. I think I think that, but I'm not sure.

I still feel like I'm in the trying to get pregnant mindset. Can you blame me? It's been like that for over two years. This is just another step. I feel like I did after my latest ER. Happy we got good eggs, but knowing the next step could be the killer.

I used to tell my body...Please don't bleed before I get to POAS...just let me have that. Then it was Don't get AF til Beta....just let me have that. Then, let's see one doubling BETA...let me have that. Well I just past the Please don't let me miscarriage before the first ultrasound. Next it's Please let me see a heartbeat.

Yes. I'm still the IF Pessimist, but don't let all that tough talk fool you....I'm starting to get a little excited.

Next UltraSound on Tuesday.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 Weeks

I'm sorry these posts are more facts than feelings. I'm just not ready to admit how I feel. I do not want to get my hopes up. I have no reason not to....there is no spotting (anyone know when I stop feeling extreme relief every time I wipe and don't see red?), no AF cramping (though lots of pulling tugging going on), I POAS yesterday for fun and the line is so dark now you can see it from the moon. My boobs are slightly hurting sometimes. My nipples are darker. I've had brief bouts of nausea and offensives smells...but only brief. I nap in the middle of the day if I can. I pee a lot and no matter how much I drink...and believe me I'm drink a's dark yellow. Every night my dreams are crazy vivid. And lets not talk about the copious amounts of CM.

And yet even with all that if I didn't know for a fact I was pregnant, if I was searching for these symptoms, I don't think I would even be suspicious. I don't go around all day feeling pregnant. I go around wishing I felt more pregnant.

First Ultrasound in 4 days.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm not jinxing myself by putting a ticker in my blog right?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


3rd Beta: 192

Average for 16dpo: 202

I'm practically normal!!

Doubling time: 32 hours.

No more Betas.....first ultrasound Thursday March 25th.

Still no cramping. No spotting. Just pregnant.

Holy crap. I'm pregnant. When do I start actually believing that?

Symptoms for those who care: One day of water CM. Tired earlier. Loss of appetite. Peeing ALL THE TIME....tiny bouts of nausea. Boobs still don't hurt which I hope is a comfort to those of you who also have boobs of steel that feel nothing when almost everyone else has painful nips as a first symptom of pregnancy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is not going to be long. I have a lot to say, but I'm afraid to say it. I don't want to jink myself or start getting my hopes up.

What I will say is:

6dp5dt HCG was 17
8dp5dt HCG was 44

Doubling Time is roughly 31 hours.

Next Beta is Tuesday, 11dp5dt

No spotting. No cramping. Lots of positive HPTs.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Still Pregnant....For Now

Beta at 6dp5dt was 17.

Not great.

After a car ride home bucking myself up and then a few minutes convincing my DH that everything is going to be just fine..... I peed and wiped brown.

Really not great.

Nothing's over. But it's close.

Oh well. At least I go to be pregnant for a day.

I hate how hurt my husband is. He's a great man and deserves better than this.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I didn't test this morning. 5dp5dt feels like the day a lot of women get their positive tests. I didn't think I could take the glaring white pregnancy test. I have NO symptoms. Not a cramp. Not sore boobies. Nothing. But also no more blood so that's good too. If there is anything I guess it's a loss of appetite, which I chalk up to nerves.

We got out of work very early today so I figured I'd go to Walgreens and buy some pregnancy tests. The ones on sale of course...even with something this important I want a deal.

On the drive home I had to go pee so I figured why the hell not POAS? It was the afternoon (clearly not FMU), I'll use the least sensitive test and I had peed less than three hours early so when it came up negative I could blame all that and still believe there was a chance I was pregnant.

So I pee. I dunk. I flip through a magazine. I check the test....

And it's positive. And it stayed positive in indoor light, outdoor light, bathroom light, bedroom light....the line was still there.I grabbed a digital assuming because I got the test on sale at Walgreens it must be defective. (there is NO way I'm pregnant).

The digital said "Pregnant". I don't know if I believe it yet. But that's what it said.

So two positive tests.

I called my BFF and had her meet me at Walgreens to buy the same exact tests. We bought $70 worth of tests. Jess made a joke to the checkout guy that we were partying tonight.

We went home and I made Jess (on BCP) take the same tests to prove that they didn't give everyone the same "pregnant" results. Her's said "Not Pregnant". Holy shit...this is real.

When my husband got home I had a baseball shaped Easter basket with the positive test in it. I said I got him something from the new Walgreen's. He looked at it and it took him a few minutes to piece it together. He started shaking. "Is this serious?!?!" We hugged. He looked like he was going to cry. We compared the two positives to Jess's two negatives. He kind of believes it too.

This so weird. I think in theory I knew this would happen someday. But I didn't really believe it. I still don't really believe it.

Now what? I know what it's like to be infertile. I don't know how to be pregnant.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Freaking Out

I was so happy just a few hours ago. My how things change.

The doctor called to tell me my Progesterone test came back "Very Low". I shoved a suppository in and she had me double my PIO. She said to have Jeremy do it as soon as he got home....even if it's early.

Sounds panicky doesn't it?

I asked her what this means. She said we're at a point that too much lower would be "dangerously low" for sustaining pregnancy, but it wouldn't effect if I was pregnant or not. (which seems like bullshit since i just saw online low progesterone can effect implantation.)

This must be why I started bleeding this day last time. I just didn't know it cause instead of testing I was at my FIL's funeral. So of course every trip to the bathroom has become a search for spotting. A little bit ago I found the tiniest little bit of brown.

I want to throw up. It's over before it even started. Even if it's not feels like it.

If there is a positive....and I doubt least next time we'll know sooner.



I had four embryos left after transfer. I thought one had a real chance of freezing. Could you imagine actually having a frozen embryo? Neither could I.
So today was the day I find out if anything froze. Got a call from the nurse...a new one. This was my first time talking to her.

Nurse: "Hello, this is Vikki. Dr. B_____ wanted me to call and let you know about your embryos."
Me: "Great." (though inside I'm thinking "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ONE FREEZE!")
Nurse: "Looks like you have four frozen."
Me: "........ (speechlessness)" then "Holy crap! Seriously?!"

She told me 3 are considered excellent and 1 is average. That's right ALL FOUR remaining blasts FROZE!!! I don't even know what to do with myself right now.

Other than that amazing news, here's what's up... Last night I kept waking up either drenched in sweat (thank you progesterone) or just bloody uncomfortable. Bed rest stopped this morning. I celebrated with a shower. It felt good. I gave blood to check progesterone levels and was planning on going to the mall, but got super tired and sweaty so i went home instead.

I have no cramps. No bleeding. No painful boobies. No symptoms. And I'm okay with that. I've come to peace with the fact that 1. It's still early and 2. a lot of people feel nothing. We'll see what happens at Beta a week from today. ( I can wait that long)

Friday, March 5, 2010

To Lindsay RE: Diet Changes

I did not significantly change my diet at all.

For the last two weeks I tried to eat more veggies, but that was more diet than IVF Diet. I also ate a lot less sugar for the same reason.

What did change? I had MUCH less stress. Last cycle I had just finished a job that caused me to break out in hives. Plus I was dealing with a dying FIL. This cycle my job is fantastic and luckily everyone I love is in good health. And of course the first IVF is so much more stressful than the second. This one has kind of flown by since I not only know what to expect, but I know it's not that bad.

I also really upped my vitamins. A LOT more vitamin D, Calcium, Fish Oil and Folic Acid than just what's in the Prenatals. Once again, this wasn't just for IVF, but for health in general.

Finally the biggest thing was just a change in protocol. I did antigone this time with no Lupron. There were other changes too, but I have a feeling Lupron was my downfall. I stress MY downfall, because what drugs work well for you is very personal.

Hope this helped though I bet it doesn't. I realized reading post after post with titles like "IVF BFPs What Did You Do?" the answers are so damn varied. I really wish there was a right way and a wrong way. Just today I spent hours reading about how much bedrest people did before they got BFPs.... it ranged from "I was gardening day of transfer" to "one full week I didn't leave the bed". As I type this I'm sitting next to a giant glass of grape juice cause I read somewhere that's supposed to help implantation. I doubt it does, but we're just so desperate to do whatever we can.

I hope whatever you do it's the perfect thing for you.


I'm on bed rest now so perhaps when boredom over takes me (thank you two hour Elizabeth Taylor Biography for warding that off a little longer) I'll write a longer post...but for now a quick recap.....

Last cycle only 1 blast made it (a grade C).

This time there were 6. Two A's are resting comfortably inside of me as we speak. We'll hear if any froze tomorrow.

I am extremely optimistic. Even if this one doesn't work, we can make quality embryos.

The very sweet nurse told me this is twins and that at the clinic everyone with A Blasts gets pregnant. I don't know if the odds are quite a 100% but I'll take it.

I'll leave with a quick tip.... Drink you 48ounces at least an hour before transfer so your doctor doesn't have to reschedule other patients while she waits for your bladder to fill.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 3 Fertility Report

I went back to work on Tuesday. On the drive there I started feeling sick. I assumed it was becaue I'd been so lazy the last few days and my body wasn't used to being out and about.

But things got worse. By lunch time I couldn't stand up without feeling like I was going to pass out. I drove home..almost having to pull over to throw up...fell in to bed and stayed there til my husband came home from work.

I had a fever. I was so week I couldn't stand long enough to fill my PIO needle. I called my doctor fearful of an infection (not OHSS my bloating had actually gone down) or something that would keep me from transfer on Friday. She told me to go to the ER. I decided to wait til the morning to see if I felt better (the ER being the last place I'd want to go).

The next morning I woke up covered in sweat. The fever had broken. By the end of the day I was doing a little jig (you'll hear why soon). Crazy sick. Crazy fast. Then Crazy better. Just a flu nothing to do with the surgery and nothing to ruin the transfer.

So why the jig? Got my day 3 fertility report! At 6pm...which gave me plenty of time to worry that she was avoiding me cause it was bad news. She wasn't.

Last time at day 3 I had: "2 at 7, 1 at 6 and 2 a 5 cells" (isn't it nice to have a blog to look back on?)

This time I have 9 left! 3 at 7, 4 at 8 1 at 9 cells and a morula! -- I told my Ivf veteran friend at work and she started tearing up. Holy crow me might have more than one crappy blast on Friday!

I know this doesn't guareentee anything, but even if this cycle doesn't work doesn't it feel like they found the right mix of cocktails for me?

Last time I had a problem with egg quality. If you remember they were cloudy and looked older than they should (I'm 31). I asked my doctor about the quality of these eggs. She said she won't know for 2 weeks when she gets the full report, but that the embryologist told her based on the goo the eggs were surrounded by at retrivels (goo being the scientific term) the eggs looked great and healthy.

So to recap....embabies doing well. Way better than last time. Egg quality good no more talk of donor eggs. Sperm quality great. Transfer on Friday. And even if this isn't my cycle I have so much more hope for future ones! (but this will be my cycle!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Update: IVF #2 Day after Egg Retrivel

I'm in the middle of IVF #2. I've been reading a ton of IVF blogs and I know what a help they are while you're in limbo so I figured I should continue this one in hopes of giving insight/comfort/knowledge/your not alone feelings to others like me.

It's been a while since IVF #1. How long you ask? Well I just dipped my toe back in the infertility chat sites I used to frequent and I noticed the woman who had her retrivel the same day as mine's daughter is due NEXT WEEK.
A long time right? When I first saw that it took my breath away a little.

What else has happened in that time? Well friend who announced her pregnancy to me shortly after failed IVF just gave birth.

Two of the men at work have announced their wives are pregnant -- both first month trying.

Okay, on with the good. Cause there is good. (and this is just fertility wise cause not fertility wise my life is TONS of good....but who cares about new furniture or a trip to hawaii if they're reading this blog?)

Yesterday was my second Egg Retrivel. This cycle was a different protocol than the last. No Lupron. No Follistim. From BCP I went right in to 11 days of Gonal f (300-375), menupur (one vial) Lupenex (1 vial) 2 days of Human growth hormone, and toward the end a shot a night that was supposed to supress my ovulation.

Last time 18 follicles 13 eggs
This time 14 follicles 14 eggs! No empties....a good sign!

Last time 13 eggs 7 fertilized (all with ICSI)
This time 14 eggs 13 fertilized! (8 with ICSI 5 au natural!) another good sign!

Looks like we'll have transfer this Friday (day 5). I'm feeling extremely positive about this round. I don't know just feels different. I'm excited. I wasn't this excited last time.

I'll let you know what happens.