Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Have a Bean!

There he/she is. No heartbeat yet and no fetal pole but a beautiful yolk sack, so I am thrilled.

Well, thrilled isn't the exact word. Thrilled would imply I thought in November I'd be a mommy. I think I think that, but I'm not sure.

I still feel like I'm in the trying to get pregnant mindset. Can you blame me? It's been like that for over two years. This is just another step. I feel like I did after my latest ER. Happy we got good eggs, but knowing the next step could be the killer.

I used to tell my body...Please don't bleed before I get to POAS...just let me have that. Then it was Don't get AF til Beta....just let me have that. Then, let's see one doubling BETA...let me have that. Well I just past the Please don't let me miscarriage before the first ultrasound. Next it's Please let me see a heartbeat.

Yes. I'm still the IF Pessimist, but don't let all that tough talk fool you....I'm starting to get a little excited.

Next UltraSound on Tuesday.


  1. I think it's our way of protecting ourselves, but holy crap, you have a bean in there!!!

  2. Just like Lindsay said... it's self preservation. But YAYYYYYY! What a cute little bean. I'm glad you get another u/s so soon... hope you get to see a heartbeat next time!

  3. Yay little bean!! Congrats on the u/s, good luck next week :o)

  4. So exciting, a yolk sac is awesome news! I still get the "what if this is the ultrasound that gives us bad news" thoughts every time I go in. It really is the only way I can get through, I am hoping by the second tri I will really be able to relax and enjoy things.

  5. WOOT! Can't wait for the next update!