Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I didn't test this morning. 5dp5dt feels like the day a lot of women get their positive tests. I didn't think I could take the glaring white pregnancy test. I have NO symptoms. Not a cramp. Not sore boobies. Nothing. But also no more blood so that's good too. If there is anything I guess it's a loss of appetite, which I chalk up to nerves.

We got out of work very early today so I figured I'd go to Walgreens and buy some pregnancy tests. The ones on sale of course...even with something this important I want a deal.

On the drive home I had to go pee so I figured why the hell not POAS? It was the afternoon (clearly not FMU), I'll use the least sensitive test and I had peed less than three hours early so when it came up negative I could blame all that and still believe there was a chance I was pregnant.

So I pee. I dunk. I flip through a magazine. I check the test....

And it's positive. And it stayed positive in indoor light, outdoor light, bathroom light, bedroom light....the line was still there.I grabbed a digital assuming because I got the test on sale at Walgreens it must be defective. (there is NO way I'm pregnant).

The digital said "Pregnant". I don't know if I believe it yet. But that's what it said.

So two positive tests.

I called my BFF and had her meet me at Walgreens to buy the same exact tests. We bought $70 worth of tests. Jess made a joke to the checkout guy that we were partying tonight.

We went home and I made Jess (on BCP) take the same tests to prove that they didn't give everyone the same "pregnant" results. Her's said "Not Pregnant". Holy shit...this is real.

When my husband got home I had a baseball shaped Easter basket with the positive test in it. I said I got him something from the new Walgreen's. He looked at it and it took him a few minutes to piece it together. He started shaking. "Is this serious?!?!" We hugged. He looked like he was going to cry. We compared the two positives to Jess's two negatives. He kind of believes it too.

This so weird. I think in theory I knew this would happen someday. But I didn't really believe it. I still don't really believe it.

Now what? I know what it's like to be infertile. I don't know how to be pregnant.


  1. So excited for you! You totally deserve this!

  2. (hugs) Congratulations! :)

    Re: your last question, best thing is to take it one day at a time...

  3. Wonderful news!! So happy for you! Have fun learning how to be pregnant :)

  4. OMG! Reading your post brought all my feelings when I finally got a BFP flooding back! I took a PG test every single day for a week straight before I would finally believe it. I still have feelings of disbelief and I am almost 22 weeks along! Congratulations!! Soooooo excited for you!

  5. Your post gave me chills. Congrats...I am so happy for you all. Yahooooooo!!!

  6. Congratulations! I am so happy for you, your post has my in tears.

    For now just sit back and enjoy a relatively symptom free early pregnancy! The "what should I be doing now" thoughts are still running through my head now and again and all you can do is take it a day at a time.

  7. WOOOHOOO!!! Huge congrats!

  8. Congratulations, so excited for you!!!

  9. Congratulations! That's wonderful!!!