Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Freaking Out

I was so happy just a few hours ago. My how things change.

The doctor called to tell me my Progesterone test came back "Very Low". I shoved a suppository in and she had me double my PIO. She said to have Jeremy do it as soon as he got home....even if it's early.

Sounds panicky doesn't it?

I asked her what this means. She said we're at a point that too much lower would be "dangerously low" for sustaining pregnancy, but it wouldn't effect if I was pregnant or not. (which seems like bullshit since i just saw online low progesterone can effect implantation.)

This must be why I started bleeding this day last time. I just didn't know it cause instead of testing I was at my FIL's funeral. So of course every trip to the bathroom has become a search for spotting. A little bit ago I found the tiniest little bit of brown.

I want to throw up. It's over before it even started. Even if it's not feels like it.

If there is a positive....and I doubt least next time we'll know sooner.



  1. Don't give up yet! I'm praying for you!

  2. Did she say what your progesterone was? I have my fingers crossed with the increase of meds everything will turn out just fine.

    It looks like everything has been going great this cycle, I am so happy you made such AWESOME embryos!

  3. Hopefully all you need is that extra progesterone! Thinking of you and I am very hopeful for you!