Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today Was the Day

Transfer days are different when you have a child.  I spend my drive in to work crying tears of gratitude again at the thought that the "Mom" necklace I wear is mine regardless of what happens today.

We got to the Transfer place early (maybe because it was an excuse to leave work early...).   The first words out of the receptionist's mouth was "Arlene needs to speak to you."  Immediately I assume something is wrong.  Nope. Just needed to pay.

So we sit in the waiting room with other couples....couples with that desperate look that I had for so many years.  I wanted to let them know it does get better.  It gets so SO much better.  But instead I waited the wait of someone whose whole life does not rest on the outcome of this transfer.  As my DH put it "We're playing with house money now".  We already got lucky.

But then we kept waiting.   Every other couple went back to have their retrievals or their transfers.  We were alone.  Even the receptionist went to lunch.  And my mind started racing.    Thinking of all the worst case scenarios.

My RE showed up and told us the wait was just because the lab was backed up.  It had nothing to do with us.   But she did have news on our embryos.  They thawed the first two and they only looked so-so.  So they were now thawing the last two.  We'd find out how those were doing in a few minutes.

We finally go back to the transfer room and we get the update.  The last two thawed well and were looking "good."  I asked does that mean Awesome, Really nice, or just fine.   My RE said "good".  She explained that since they were thawed more recently the hadn't fully plumped up yet so they could get great.  But for now good was all we were going to get.

I feel like an embryo expert because of my IVFs, my BFFs IVFs and the countless photos I've seen online.  But looking at the picture of my thawed Embryos I could not tell a dang thing.  

So a speculum, u/s, catheter placement later and the embryologist came out and informed my RE that the two good embryos had plumped up and looked great.  We were now working with 2 "Very Good" embryos!

Transfer went well.  The U/S tech, nurse and RE kept complimenting my "cavity" (humble brag).  My RE said a prayer over us (brought me to tears).  And now we wait.

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  1. Eeeeeek! Thinking of you and wishing you a ridiculous amount of luck!