Thursday, April 12, 2012


We had an amazing u/s today.   The twins are measuring ahead (3 days and 6 days respectively).  One of the babies is easier for us to see.  He's just at a better angle.   And wow did we see a lot!  Fingers.  Ears.  A nose.  His femur.  His little legs bent at the knee.  It was amazing.  My RE saw no fluid behind the neck so I'm expecting a really great NT scan.

Here's a video of some of it.  It's not the best quality but there is a moment when I point to his (yeah, I know I keep saying he, him, his....I have a hunch) hand in front of his face and then he slowly turns and stares at us.  In a creepy alien face way.   It was the ultimate half awesome/half horror movie moment.

I'm not the only person due on Nov. 4th.  I've been following a blogger  She's due with her first child on Nov. 4th too!    Her blog is great.  She's smart and funny and I cried my eyes out reading the posts where she shared the amazing news with her parents and Inlaws.

So Rail City Baby was kind enough to nominate me for a blog award.  (thank you so much!)  It's called the versatile blogger.

  I've never been nominated for an award before so bare with me in my awkwardness.   I'm supposed to list 7 things Rail City probably doesn't know about me so here we go...

1.  I'm tall.  Like SUPER tall.  (6feet 1inch).   I met my husband online.  In my profile I lied and said I was 6 feet even.  (I don't know...I guess it sounded less intimidating?)  He lied and said he was 6 feet 1 inch (he's 6 feet even).  On our second date I wore boots with heels, we looked at ourselves in the window of a store we were passing and realized we couldn't fake it any more.  I was the tall one in our relationship.  I don't have any heels left.

2. I was born about 60 years too late.   I love movies and music from the 30s and 40s.  I couldn't list more than 2 Lady Gaga songs but I can tell you everything Sophie Tucker sang.    I haven't seen a single Twilight movie, but I've seen dozens of William Powell films.

3. I'm a sitcom writer.  It is the greatest job in the whole wide world.  I also hate it at least 50% of the time.  The hours can be VERY long and a good chunk of the time you have to bend to the wishes of someone else even if you know in your heart they're wrong.

4. My Best Friend is also my writing partner.  We are close.  WAAAAY close.   We call each other wifie.  When my DH proposed to me we then went to her house and he had a little ring for her too.  We are a packaged deal.   We live blocks from each other.  We met our husbands on the same dating website within weeks of each other.   We work together sometimes 18 hours a day and still text each other at night to catch up on what we missed.   We both had to do IVF to get pregnant.   We have the same blood type.  We drove across country together from NJ/PA in matching purple cars when we moved to Los Angeles.   In fact the only thing we don't have in common is our size.  She's only 5 feet 3/4 of an inch tall.

5. I have four cats.   The only reason I don't have more is that I think society would judge me.  If I ever got a large sum of money I would want to open up a no-kill cat shelter.    I get made fun of at work because I can hear a story about someone getting tortured and murdered and it might elicit a "aw, that's terrible."  But if I hear an animal even almost hurt I will be in tears.   This includes in movies and tv shows.  There is a long list of movies I will never see because an animal is injured/killed in it and I can't take it.

6.  I get obsessed with a TV show or movie and I will watch it so many times I have it memorized.   Over the years this has included:  The Simpsons, The Golden Girls, Band of Brothers, Newsies, MST3K, Independence Day ....the list goes on and on.   I'm proud of the TV shows...the movies...not so much.

7.  I over use ...   I just love it so....much.

Now I'm supposed to nominate 15 blogs I follow.  I can promise you most of these blogs don't read my blog so it will be a secret nominiation ;o)

This Is Why I'm Broke - I dare you DARE you to go there and not find at least a dozen things you want to buy

Lay Baby Lay - Amazingly gorgeous nursery design.  And a super cute daughter about Bea's age.

Advanced Style - Senior Citizens showing off their amazing style.

The Well Rounded Mama - I'll let their mission statement do the talking "It is time for some common-sense information about pregnancy in women of size....without scare tactics or judgment.

It is time for frank discussion about how fat women are treated in pregnancy, birth, and parenting, and how care in this group of women can be improved.

The Fearless Formula Feeder - a good friend of mine who was fed it with being treated like a pariah because she didn't breast feed.  This blog is a great place for other formula feeders to get support.  As she puts it "standing up for formula feeders without being a boob about it".
Baby Makes 2 - a single woman in Canada trying to start a family through fertility treatments - I'm really rooting for her

Dish Baby - possibly the two cutest twins you'll ever see - and a mother who channels Martha Stewart around all the holidays

Pre Baby Blog - though now post baby.  A gorgeous photographer getting though the mindfield that is the first few months with baby.

Starring Scarlett - I've been following this blog for over a year.  This adorable little girl (a month older than Bea) was diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor when she was two months old.  Guess those doctors are wrong, because she's cancer free and thriving!

Live and Love in the Petri Dish - a cancer survivor and her husband have been trying to have a child for years.  They've had SEVEN miscarriages.  But are now not only pregnant but just had a great NT scan.   She's so honest about her fears.  It's hard not to cross all your fingers that this is their take home baby.

Baby Lucas - this is my BFF's son's blog.  Just over four months ago he was born at 29w1d.  He thriving and is awfully cute

Two Whole Cakes - another great blog about being comfortable in your own body

Hidden Musings Recited Tales - another good friend.  Hannah writes letters to her son Ryder.  They are so sweet and heartfelt.  It'll make you melt.  Not to mention Ryder is one of the cutest kids you'll ever see

Okay I know that isn't quite 15...but it's close enough, right?

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