Friday, May 4, 2012


Thankfully the week my bloat dies down and I have a smaller bump than before is the week I have 2 count them 2 doctors' appointments with ultrasounds.

First my RE.  She did a quick little u/s where we got this cute picture of the twinks in the shape of a heart.

Then it was off to the OB's office for the first time this pregnancy.  I love love love my OB.  She's got Bea out quickly and with no tear.   I love my OB's office.  They are so great at doing whatever you need to feel comfortable.  I was thrilled when I went there and everyone remembered me.  There was a lot of "weren't you just here?"  and I kind of was. (Well 17 months ago).  

First we got another u/s.  I don't look this they say "There are two heartbeats."  Then it's game on.   The kids are huge.  86mm and 82mm each.  So roughly a week ahead.  Then I asked the u/s tech if she'd look at gender.  Instead of blowing me off she was all "of course...let's do it!"  Baby A was showing the goods and if it's not a HE I'll be shocked.  It was all on display.  Baby B was being a bit more demure.  We never got a good shot.  Tech thought Boy I thought I saw 3 lines (girl).  So let's say TBD.  In fact TBD in about two weeks at my next appointment when I'll be 15w5d and the bits and pieces should be even more obvious.

Then I see my OB and all the questions I had were answered just the way I want.  

1. My NT scan blood results were great.  No advanced risks!  
2. My OB does not cut off sex at 20 weeks or 24 weeks with twins.  She basically said she'll let my body tell me when it's done.
3. She said I could MAYBE travel to Paris at 23 weeks.   MAYBE (better than a no)
4. When I asked if there's a chance of a vaginal delivery she said "My favorite thing is twin vaginal deliveries"   The babies need to be roughly the same weight.  And Baby A needs to be head down.  But she was there for Bea's birth.  She had a a FRONT row seat.  She knows my body can handle it.  I'm really hoping I get to try.
5. She didn't even mention my weight gain!  God love her.

It ended with lots of "I'm so happy for you"s and hugs and good warm fuzzies.   And of course a blood draw.   

All is well!

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