Friday, May 18, 2012


Another OB appointment today.   Two weeks since my last one so you know I was terrified something was wrong.  Two weeks is about as long as I can stand not seeing the twinks.

My new worries...  I have been incredibly tired lately.  I'd go shopping with a friend and within fifteen minutes I need to find a bench to sit down.  At roughly 3pm I become so tired I have to lie down and nap.  In fact I nap about two hours a day.  And still get plenty of sleep at night.  (I know....I am EXTREMELY lucky to have many mom's of toddlers get to take naps?!).

The OB said this is totally normal with a twin pregnancy.  That I'm not being lazy.  I'm being a mother to two new babies.   She said I need to listen to my body and not push things.  She also said between 24 and 34 weeks is a critical time in twin pregnancies.   We don't want the babies to come too early so I need to really take it easy then.

My next worry... new pains.  I had Round Ligament Pains with Bea.  You know...the sharp knife stabs that happen when you sneeze or move to quickly.  I'm used to that.  The last week or so I have felt new pains.  Constant pains.  Pains when I'm just sitting down.  A fullness.  A tiredness.  An achey - ness.  In my head my cervix was shortening and at least one of the babies was in distress.

So I asked for an u/s.   My husband came today because we knew I was going to get an u/s and there was a chance we'd find out sexes.   He wasn't with me when I found out Bea was a Bea.  I have adorable text messages of me telling him, but I wanted him here.

So off to the u/s room.   The tech saw that I was 15w5d and asked if this was just for gender.  No.  i wanted to see my cervix!

As usually I turn away until someone says they see heartbeats.  This time it was my husband saying "They're both moving!"  Phew!  I can look.

I asked if she'd check my cervix.  It's always been over a four.  She said as long as it's over a three we're okay.   It was a 4.71!! Huge!!

So babies alive.  Cervix fine.   Now we can move to gender.

I told her that we're pretty sure Baby A is a boy but Baby B has been coy with us.  Well Baby B wasn't coy today.  We got a great potty shot and Baby B must stand for Baby BOY!

Then we checked Baby A and it's still a BOY!  So Bea and I are going to be outnumbered!

My husband was over the moon.  So excited for him.  I'm thrilled with boys, I just have to get used to the idea.  I've been a girl mom.  That's what I am.  I need to figure out what it means to have sons.

I keep having images of these two strapping TALL young men hugging me as they graduate from high school.  It's so exciting.

After teh u/s I went to a local baby store and bought adorable little boy hats.   We used them to tell Grandma, Gak and Uncle David the good news.  We then called Abuela and told her.  (I can not keep this a secret for long).

Sometimes I think about how amazing my life is and I can't believe it.  How did I get so lucky?  everything is so damn awesome I want to cry!

New u/s is the big anatomy scan in a little over two weeks.


  1. That is great news! Glad to hear you're doing well. Boys are so much fun. I thought I wanted my first child to be a boy, but I have really enjoyed my daughter. Girls are just as special. How fun that you'll have both, though!

  2. What exciting news- Twin boys, whew!! ;) Glad to hear everything else looks good; Take it easy mama!

  3. So excited for you! What wonderful news, and how nice it is to have fears alleviated like that :D I can't even imagine how tired you must be...I'm exhausted with just one bambino!

  4. I was fine until your comment about those boys hugging at you at graduation--then the tears started. Congrats, mama! Boys are an entirely new adventure...