Friday, May 25, 2012


My second Tri screening blood work came back today.  All looks normal and perfect.

I'm at the point between u/s where I start to worry a little.  These kids and their anterior placentas...I just don't get to feel the kick and move.  Which is crazy when you think how much baby is in there right now.

I certainly look pregnant.  I certainly feel pregnant (i.e. EXHAUSTED).  And I'm starting to put my pregnant foot down a lot.  "I have to eat NOW".  "I'm done.  I can't do anything else.  I'll be on the couch".

I had to go to a Babies R Us to find Bea some teething toys.  (All four molars at once).  I walked past the swings and bouncers and thought for a fleeting second "I'm gonna need these soon".  And then I hurried the f out of there.   I don't know if this is second child syndrome (or second and third child in my case), but I just don't even want to think about it.

I guess I need to start, huh?

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