Wednesday, June 6, 2012

18w3d - Anatomy Scan

I always get nervous before an u/s.   I tell the technician I'm not going to look until you tell me you see a heartbeat (or in this case heart beats).  

Today, the second the u/s wand went on my tummy you could see two giant babies jumping around.

I have two anterior placentas (when the placenta is against the stomach instead of the back of the woman).  That basically means when the boys kick they are kicking placenta and not me so it takes longer for moms with anterior placentas to feel movement.    It was hard to believe I couldn't feel those kicks, jumps and punches.

I have been feeling a little movement.   The other day I swore I felt a kick kick kick way up high.  About half way between my boobs and bellybutton.   I thought there was no way there was a baby up that high.

I was wrong.   Baby A is on the bottom, but Baby B was so high up he might as well be hanging from my lungs.   Crazy.   Crazy how much of my stomach is already full of baby and we're not even halfway to 40 weeks.

Both Babies look great.  Measuring huge of course.

Baby A measuring 19w6d and 11oz
Baby B measuring 19w4d and 11oz.

And as I'm sure you can figure out from the pronouns I've been using - there is no doubt.  NO DOUBT these are two boys!

I am a proud mama.

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