Sunday, June 17, 2012

Half Baked.

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last u/s.   So of course I'm freaking out.

I feel the boys a lot more.  The occasional kick or punch.  But mostly the rolling and pushing.  My stomach is growing in leaps and bounds and I feel so tight and stretched out I wonder if it's Braxton-Hicks.  (Never had those with Bea).   So the new added pressure...the new back pain....the new everything pain.... you know the things that are probably normal when you're 20 weeks pregnant with TWINS... yeah those things?  Those things have me worried and very very happy I have an OB appointment tomorrow.

If all checks out it means my DH and I are going to Paris and London in two weeks for a wedding.   Normally these words would bring me nothing but joy.  Instead I'm watching my belly grow and I see it as a sort of ticking time bomb.  Like HURRY!  We've got to get there before I explode in a giant ball of pain and pressure!

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