Monday, August 6, 2012


Is this thing on? that was a long blogging hiatus.   I can explain.   I'm lazy.

A lot has happened these last few weeks (months?).   My DH and I went to Paris and London for a friend's wedding.   When we came back I had an u/s.   Babies looked great, but my cervix had gone from a 4+ to a 3.2.  

So for the past few weeks (months?)  we've been monitoring it.   No crazy changes.   But the last reading was a 2.96.   Which caused my OB to give me a long lecture about how this is the most important time in a twin pregnancy.   How I need to be taking it easy (I thought I was!) and how my commute to work (about 1+ each way) is not good for me or them.  

Needless to say I've been bed-ish bound for the past week.   No more picking Bea up.   No more long car rides.   No more strenuous activity (shoot...I really wanted to run that marathon).   I know this is pretty conservative.  A basically 3.0 cervix is not cause for alarm, but I'd rather be safe than sorry so this plan works for me.  It's only a few more months at most for the best start at life for these little guys.

So what do you want to do when stuck in bed worrying about every ache and pain?    Eat junk food!   Nope...can't do it.   I've got GD again.  What I wouldn't give for a giant glass of cold milk....mmmmm.

Of course that means I've already planned my first post baby meal.   Deep dish pizza.   Cupcakes from my favorite bakery and salted bagels with cream cheese for breakfast the next morning.   Can't wait!  But I really hope to wait at least til October!

Finally on the baby front my boys have been growing like weeds.   Baby B has now overtaken his brother in size.   At our last u/s B was 2lbs 3oz and A was 1lb 13oz.    

My doctor said I shouldn't be worried about the discrepancy...but what the's just one more thing to sit here and stew about....

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