Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Another day another OB appointment.   

Good news: babies look great.   Cervix is pretty much stable (with "minimal beaking").  And when the OB manual checked she said she was happy that there was still some length, it was still hard and though Baby A's head was there it wasn't "right there".

Bad news:  I think the OB is starting to get concerned.   She started talking about the steroid shots.  She told me to come back Thursday or Friday and if things changed at all for the worse I'll get the first shot. Then when I went to schedule the nurse said "So Thursday" and I said "Or Friday" and the nurse said, no the doctor changed her mind and wants Thursday.

So though a stable (short) cervix, people are starting to worry at the office.   Awesome.

The most important thing is I'm being monitored.   I'm over 28 weeks (a GREAT place to be).  Can you imagine going through this a month ago?  Even more?

I don't want them to come any time soon (next goal 32weeks) but if they do we're at a great NICU with a great doctor and they're growing like weeds.    We could be so much worse off.

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  1. Sending good thoughts your way. May you get to that 32 weeks and far beyond (sorry to your DH's feeling)!