Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I've been home from the hospital for about a week now.   Grand stay - 5 days.

I was having tiny contractions, but my cervix remained stable.  In fact they thought it was even a bit longer than they orginially thought.  So they decided to send me home.

I had an OB appointment on Monday.   I packed my hospital bag (well a tiny one...basically my computer, charger and cell know, the essentials).   I was sure I'd be sent back.   Instead my cervix at worse was stable and at best was longer.   Bed rest is working!

When I went to the hospital almost 2 weeks ago I thought about how much I wanted to make it til 30 weeks.  Something about a 3 in the front spot just seemed so much safer.   Now I'm half way through 30!   Barreling toward 31!  

I'm still sure my husband is right and these babes are coming on his birthday...but there is still the part of me that feels like everytime I go to the bathroom my water is going to break.   There's also the part of me that thinks I'll make it to full term.

I guess we just have to wait and see.

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