Tuesday, September 4, 2012


not me but close...

Another week, another OB appointment.

All good news today.    The cervix stayed stable (woohoo!).  I'm telling you the trick is to have a bag ready in case you have to go from your appointment to the hospital.   Since I started bringing a bag I haven't had to use it.

The boys look great and are (as usual) HUGE.   Twin A is measuring in at a whooping 4lbs13oz.  Twin B is not too shabby at 4lbs9oz.   That's almost 10 pounds and 3 feet of baby in there.   No wonder I need help turning over in bed.

32 weeks is so close I can taste it!   Then 34....36....

My OB said if I make it to 36 I can go for a hike.   I told her I just wanted to get to go to Target.    We'll see...

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