Monday, September 24, 2012


I'm so so thankful to have past 34 weeks.  Not just because it means after more than 8 weeks of bed rest I get to leave the house once or twice this week.... Okay that's a lot of the reason why.  

I went to the OB today and we did a BPP.   Twin B past it very quickly.  Twin A was taking a nap so we had to spend some time waking him up.  All good.

Then we did a NST.  It's hard keeping both twins on the monitor.   Well it's hard keeping B on the monitor.  A just hung out doing his thing.  When my OB checked the paper it looked like twin B had some "variants".   Basically there were a few moments when B's heart rate went down and then back up. So she had me go straight to my MFM to do another, higher quality u/s and make sure B was okay.

So we went to doctor number two.   First the u/s.   Everything looked great.  Fluid, cord flow, movement.  All good.   Weights estimated at Twin A 5lbs 6oz.  Twin B 5lbs 8oz.

Then the NST.   This time Twin B stayed put and A was the trouble maker.   But good news was no "variants".    The MFM said Twin B could have just been kicking/tugging on his umbilical cord causing the original "variants"

I go back to my OB on Friday.  Hopefully for a much shorter visit.

Today we left the house at 9:30am and got home around 4pm.    Not the first time these boys cause of trouble, I'm sure.

Oh and no more cervical checks.   I guess I'll know things have changed down there when I feel my water break or I go in to labor.   Holy Cow.

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  1. Wowza, what a day! Glad to hear the boys are still baking!