Friday, September 14, 2012


Thankfully my husband was wrong.   Yesterday was his birthday and despite his prediction weeks ago the babies are still cooking.

We had another OB appointment today.   A.K.A. my first time out of the house in ten days.   I was SURE I was going to be readmitted to the hospital.   I've had a lot of discharge (tmi?  eh, it's a pregancy blog right now discharge is like talking about the weather) and a lot of pain DOWN THERE (every time I say that I want there to be an echo).

So I took a shower (assuming it's my last for a while) and packed up three hospital bags.   But like last time the bags are my good luck charm because I'm back home as I type this.

Cervix is STABLE.  Boys look great.   Huge.  And Twin B is almost head down like his brother.  He's at a slight angle, but I really think I'm going to get to push those suckers out!

My blood pressure is fine.  But I gained EIGHT POUNDS since my last appt. 10 days ago.  Now the fact that I'm almost 33 pregnant with twins and up til this point had only gained 2 pounds total makes me glad to see the scale going up a bit.   I'm not surprised it went up.  The past two weeks have been the first time all pregnancy I've actually been hungry.  And I mean HUNGRY.  And my stomach is growing at a crazy rate right now.   I'm sure the boys are packing on the pounds too.  Which is great news.

So my next appointment isn't until a week from Monday when I'll be 34w1d.   My OB said at 34 weeks I can start doing little things.   She gave me permission to go to a salon and cut my hair off.   I still have giant bed rest dread locks going on and I can't wait to have a short hair cut I don't have to pay attention to.    Maybe later in the week I'll get a pedicure?   Why not!  I can do that in just a little over a week!

I know the twins are getting big because I'm getting really, really sore.  My pelvis feels like it's been split in two.  I waddle because walking regularly is painful.  In fact today has been pretty painful.  If I wasn't on bed rest I'd probably stay in bed anyway.  Laying down in one position is the only way to not feel my ligaments stretch and creek.

And I am so very lucky we've gotten to this point!

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