Friday, August 17, 2012

Hospital Bed Rest

I know everyone thinks they are close to their best friend.   Maybe you guys like the same drink.  Maybe you can both quote every word to The Breakfast Club.   Maybe you've known each other for years and you just feel that sisterly connection.

Well with little modestly my BFF and I beat the pants off of you and your BFF.  For Realz.

We work together, play together, live blocks from each other.   We call each other "Wifie".   When my husband proposed to me he also bought her a small ring and proposed to her (still waiting for her husband to get me some jewels...)

We met our husbands on the same website.   We both needed IVF to conceive our children.   We drove from the East Coast to the west coast together in matching purple cars.    It's weird.

And it just got weirder.   Last year Jess started hospital bedrest at 28w4d.    She had her gorgeous son Lucas 4 days later.

Yesterday I got put on hospital bed rest.   I was 28w4d.   Here's hoping we break the trend and the boys bake a little longer.

So why the bed rest?  In two days my cervix went from a 1.8 to a .9.   Huge difference.   My OB saw me after the u/s and said "I'll see you at the hospital.".

The hospital was very very crowded.   I waited about an hour for a room.  I started feeling small contractions so my husband went to see if there was a place for me to lay down.   He saw my OB, told her and though a sweet lady she knows how to kick some butt when she wants to.

First I got put in a labor room - ironically the one that I was in to start Bea's induction - while we waited for my room to be cleaned.

When I got to my room I got hooked up to a ton of monitors.   Babies look awesome as usual.   But they saw I was contracting (small ones) quite a bit.   I got an IV that has been pumping water into my veins for the past 24 hours.   The contractions are much less.  In fact since earlier this afternoon I haven't felt a single one.

Then I got my first steroid shot.    (Thank GOD)

A doctor from the NICU came (While Jess was visiting) and it was the same doctor who came to talk to Jess about what we can expect with babies born at 28 weeks and so on.    He remembered her and her husband and Jess got to show him how big Lucas is now.

I just got my second steroid shot and things seem calm right now.     I'm really hoping that Jeremy's 32w4d guess is correct, BUT if they come sooner I know they are in a great NICU.  I know they are great sizes for their age.   I know almost 29 weeks is not ideal but it could be so so much worse.   I just know they'll do fine.   Perhaps I'm being to naive.   But I'd rather live like this right now.  

I'll let you know what happens (cause it looks like I'll have time to be on the internet now).


  1. Good luck! Keep baking for a little longer boys!

  2. Hoping you keep cooking for a while longer! Thinking of you! (I had my twins at 28w3d)

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