Friday, August 10, 2012


Btw this is TOTALLY how I look right now.  Minus the hair, makeup, smile and nice PJs.  

OB appointment today.   Good news...the boys are huge.   Twin B is 3lbs and Twin A is catching up at 2lbs12oz.

Bad news.   My cervix is now at a 1.8.   So I'm on strict bedrest.   I'll see the doctor again on Tuesday.

My husband had one of his "feelings" tonight.   He's had this "feeling" three times.   1.  He felt Bea was a girl.  (check)  2. He felt we were having twins (check) 3. he felt the twin were both boys (check)

Feeling number 4?   That they'll be born on his birthday (Sept. 13).    They'll be 32w4d.   I can live with that.   So you've heard it hear first.   The twins will be here in a month.  ;o)

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