Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It Finally Sinks In

Grace and Newman protecting the twins

I'm having twins.    Today was our 7w3d u/s.   Before being wanded my RE said "Okay, at 7w3d's the fetal poles should be at least 5mm with obvious heartbeats."  

I know my RE likes to start with low expectations.  My husband doesn't know this.  So when she wanded me and told us the babies were measuring 12.2 mm and 12.4 mm respectively he thought we were making giants. Instead my RE explained these were AWESOME measurements.  In fact both babies are measuring  a few days ahead.  Heart Beats in the 150s.   Just perfect.

And that pesky little fluid sack went from about 8mm by 7mm to 9mm by 3mm.  It's just this little slit that my RE even had trouble finding.

This appointment couldn't have gone any better.   She kept saying things like A+ A+ you guys are going to need to get a bigger car.

Today is the day it really hit me.  We are probably going to be having twins.

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