Tuesday, March 6, 2012

U/S Tomorrow Let the Freak Out Begin!

This last week I have had a lot of symptoms.   Basically I wake up feeling great and then by noon or one I just get tired and need to lie down.

Sometimes I can't even look at food.  Sometimes I'm starving.

My go to (and it was my go to with Bea) is mozzarella cheese and bread...in any form.  Pizza.  Garlic Bread with cheese.  Mozzarella sticks.  I'm eating it.

Tomorrow is my first u/s.  So of course I need to start freaking out.  How am I going to self sabotage this time?   By having a great day yesterday.   By great I mean I didn't have to lie down at all.   I went grocery shopping and felt exhausted.  I went to the park with Bea and had to sit down for most of it.  But in my head my symptoms are gone and this is a horrible sign.

My MIL is here.  Usually when I collapse on my bed our Nanny is here or my husband.  I guess I don't feel like I have "permission" to just leave Bea.  Like it's not my MILs job.  Perhaps that's why I stayed up the whole time?

My appetite was better yesterday.   Once again could this be because I had to make sure my MIL was eating too?

The past few days I've been dealing with insomnia.  A big change from my sleeping 12 hours a day like I have been the last week.   Perhaps this is just nerves?

My vivid dreams are gone.  Maybe because I'm not sleeping as much?

Everything has a logical answer.  Of course one logical answer could be that I'm not pregnant anymore.

We'll know tomorrow.

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