Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Holy.  Shit.

We saw TWO sacs and TWO yolk sacs.  Hopefully next week we'll see TWO heartbeats.

Our RE said everything is measuring perfectly.

When I first got my BFP my husband said something like "I don't believe in fate or magic or feelings or anything like that.  But I KNOW you're pregnant with twins.  I just know it."

Weird since we transferred two embryos with Bea and just got Bea.  We transferred two embryos with our FET and got bubkis.   So why now did he think twins.

Then we got our betas back and they weren't spectacularly high.  They barely doubled.  I assumed he was wrong.

Never doubt my husband when it comes to the workings of my uterus.   He also knew Bea was a girl the whole time I was sure she was a he.

He has no feelings about those two little beans up there.  Here's hoping we get to find out.