Thursday, April 30, 2009

B +

Still not sure if this is AF or not.  The nurse told me that since I'm still on Lupron, AF is probably going to be light.  So I go to the RE tomorrow morning, fifteen minutes early so they can show me how to inject my stims.

I went to my acupuncturist today.  When I started I was not sure how much faith I had in it, but the more I go the more I think it really does work.    Even if it doesn't the twenty minutes of meditation are awesome.

Today, on the table, with needles in my head, ears, feet, hands, stomach, legs ankles and cheeks, I tried to use my meditation time to think about a positive IVF outcome.  I really spent time and went in to great detail, thinking about giving myself stims (painlessly), watching the follies grow on the ultrasounds.  I was at my ER and I wasn't scared of the IV.   I woke up and found out they got 20 eggs.  15 fertilized.  2 beautiful blasts get transfered, 10 froze.....

Then the acupuncturist came in.  I had to stop.   Never got to the BFP.  Maybe next time ;o)

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  1. Oh I hope your next acunpuncture appt brings you meditative thoughts of a bfp. Thank you for visiting.