Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Heeerrrrreeeee. I think.

This post will be about my period.  So for the zero men that read my blog.  You might want to skip this one.

I think it came last night.  In the six hours between the times I checked, my liner was half full.  I also wiped a lot of red. 

This morning, not much on pad.  Wiped a lot of red.    TMI, I know. 

So I call the RE's office and the nurse asks me if this is "Full Flow".  Why is that question so hard? Full?  I don't know.  Maybe like half?  I mean I've had full before and the above picture doesn't even do it justice.  I can say it's more than spotting.  

So because I am anxious to get the stim ball rolling I answer, "I don't"  Which was good enough.  I'm told to half my Lupron starting tomorrow and I sit and wait for my doctor's call.

The end.  Period.


  1. I laughed when I read your post. When I was going through IF the big "is it full flow" question always stressed me out.

  2. That picture is great! I think the full flow question throws most peole off. I love it when they ask me the exact time my full flow started.