Friday, April 24, 2009

Lupron Injections

I've been taking BCPs for a while now to help get rid of a cyst on my right ovary.  

The next step is Lupron.   Lupron is a medicine that you inject in your stomach that is supposed to suppress your hormones and keep your ovaries nice and quiet.  That way you won't ovulate before your egg retrival.    

When I knew I was going to start IVF I read as many IVF blogs as I could.  I was terrified of needles and the thought of self-injecting made me wet my pants.  But on all those blogs the women would talk about how painless the Lupron shots are.  It sounded like a big load of poop.  How is sticking a needle in your stomach NOT painful?

Well let me tell you...they were right.  It is the easiest thing.  Sure each time I do it there is a moment of panic and the thought "Holy Shit.  I'm really going to do this?" flashes through my head.  But it's done in a second and utterly painless.  

Plus I got my first bruise!  It's tiny, but it's badge of honor as an IVF survivor!

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