Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lupron Symptoms or My Subconscious Wanting to Get Waited on Hand and Foot

I feel like crap.  I've had a constant, low-grade headache for a few days now.  I never get headaches.  I have been crying over the littlest thing.  But I always cry.  And most notably, some crazy monster occasionally takes over my body and yells at my loved ones.  My husband.  My mother.  My sweet little aunt.  No one is safe.  

I think this is the Lupron.  I HOPE this is the Lupron.  I fear it is my subconscious wanting an excuse to lie in bed and watch tv.  An excuse to have my husband do the food shopping and make me lunch.  An excuse to be a big ol' bitch and have people feel sorry for me rather than angry at me. 

Whatever it is it's not pretty.

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  1. When I took Lupron, I had the same symptoms- it is TERRIBLE!!!!