Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I woke up this morning and decided not to test.  I know early morning tests are not as dark as evening tests for me.  I know what I saw yesterday.  I'm pregnant.  (for now).

Besides I knew I was going to call the RE and try to get a beta so that was more important.

I got up and peed.

This is way TMI so you might want to skip to the next paragraph) and had morning sickness...from my butt.  Seriously I read that a lot of women don't throw up.  They....well.  I'm sure you understand.

Got back in bed.  Got up to pee again.  Back in bed.  Then I started to notice that I wasn't bloated at all.  And I was having crampies and tuggies.  Instead I felt GREAT.  So of course I freaked.   I'm really good at freaking.   Give me a inch of rope and I'll hang myself with it.

I peed on a stick.    The same kind as I got my BFP on 4dp5dt.   I had just peed.  It was the morning (not my best time).   But the line was still there.  And it was a lot darker than it was on Monday.   Phew.

I called the RE and told them I've been getting positives since Monday.   They told me it was the trigger. I explained to them I had gotten a negative before the positives.  The lines were getting darker and darker.  This was the day I got my first Beta with Bea.   And damn it I'm pregnant!  They said a Beta wouldn't be accurate.  But if you want a beta you big baby we'll get you one.  (okay those were my words not theirs).

Bea's beta at 6dp5dt - 17
My beta today at 6dp5dt 37


The bloat came back toward the middle of the day.  So did the crampies and tuggies.  Things I normally love to eat were not appealing (which I guess I could chalk up to nerves).  I was lying down and all of a sudden felt dizzy and nauseous. I had to cancel a play date I really wanted to go on.  I slept for 2 hours and could have slept for more (woken up for beta results).  I think I'm just one of those people who things hit at night.   I hope when I wake up feeling great tomorrow I'll remember that and not freak out all over again.


  1. Shriek!! How exciting, that is great news- congratulations!!