Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trigger Tomorrow

Today's doctor's appointment wasn't awesome.  I've still got about 12+ follicles.  The problem is some are way bigger than others.  My biggest is at a 21.  My smaller ones at a 13.

So my RE had to figure out when to trigger.  Do we trigger tonight and risk the smaller ones not being ready or do we trigger tomorrow night and risk the bigger ones being too "ripe".

We're triggering tomorrow.  And I'm nervous.

I know the odds of me ovulating early have more to do with my estrogen level than the size of that big follicle.  I know the ovulation suppressing drugs I'm on work in the large majority of cases (and in my case last cycle).  I know I'm probably going to be fine.  I just can't shake the fear.

And then there is the more real fear.  What if half these follicles are garbage because of the weird timing?   Perhaps I just got greedy with my previous retrievals.  I know it just takes one good egg to make one good embryo to make one great sibling for Bea.

So tomorrow I trigger.  Let's hope that egg is there.

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