Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It Came!

UPS just dropped off a little brown box.  Sent all the way from North Carolina.  Looking at it you'd never guess what magic is inside.  But once you open it you already get a feeling this one is special. 

For one thing it is cold.  

Why is it cold?  Cause it holds my new Follistim!  Donated by Annie who gave me so much more than medicine. 

It is not easy to ship medicine COLD across country.  When she offered to do it I tried to give her as many outs as I could.  I didn't want her to have to stress about a favor.  I even mentioned I bet I could find someone near her that would like the meds who would drive to her and pick it up.  But she wouldn't hear of it.  She said this Follistim was mine. 

She went out of her way to get it to me right when I needed it.   

I still remember the day she offered.  It was the day before I found out we could start cycling for IVF.   Annie's kind gesture has changed my luck for the better.  Since that day I have had nothing but good news. 

Even if this cycle doesn't work...I feel so much more hopeful.  I finally feel like things are on my side.

That is what Annie gave me.  

Thank you Annie.  


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  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I wasn't sure if others read it or not LOL. Now that I found you I will be waiting to hear the good news. I don't know who Annie is but she sounds like a heaven sent!

  3. Sorry! The Taylor post was from me, I was signed in with the wrong profile. Please don't check it out if seeing a toddlers blog will be too hard for you right now. Sorry!

  4. That is awesome! We have Omaha steaks coming in the mail- but your package is waaaaaaaaaaay better. Good luck!

  5. That is really sweet! What a great way to start a cycle! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just wanted to give you my other "secret" blog address for IF stuff. I moved it all over recently to keep some real life people from reading it. http://1000easystepstobaby.blogspot.com

    Good luck!!! I'll be keeping up with you. :)