Monday, June 1, 2009

A Couple Quick Things

1.  I got to spend a weekend with my husband stress free.  How nice was that? The above picture is what I woke up to on Sunday Morning.  They were both asleep til my camera woke up Grace.  Next weekend he is going back East to be with his dad.

2. Period is kind of starting.  I'm not sure my lining will be thin enough to get an IVF in before work.  But I've got a day 3 (ish) appointment on Wednesday.  We'll see.

3. I'm not sure how I feel that said IVF may not happen right away.  A break would be nice.  A child would be nicer. IVF doesn't mean I get a child though.

4. I use google reader and when I went to see who has updated their blogs there were 8.  Each of them newly pregnant or more than newly pregnant.  How depressing to be left behind.  

That is all.


  1. Well, I am still here- dependably infertile.

    I have been playing"imagine what fun and frivolous things you can do if you never have kids"

    So far I have imagined us buying a condo in NYC so we can walk to shops and fancy restaurants, and I can volunteer at The Met. I have also gone to the Mini website and built a custom Mini Cooper convertible. It is totally fun.

    I also decided it would be fun to collect jewelry. I have a great eye, so as soon as we stop wasting all this time and money on getting pregnant- I have three hobbies all lined up. I can scoot off to NYC and stay in our all white and glass apartment while shopping for baubles.


  2. After being TTC for more than 3 years, almost every IF'er I met during the first 18 months of our journey is pg or has a kid. some are already working on #2. Happy for them. Sad for me.