Sunday, June 7, 2009

Keep On Trucking

Friday's RE appointment went... surprisingly well.  I think I need to stop being surprised when things turn out okay.  

My levels are all good and the blood draw happened on the first poke.  We saw about 14 or so follicles all pretty small but still there.  She even did a mock transfer and the little tube went in without a problem.  This from a girl who has destroyed many a catheter during IUI attempts.  That's right.  My cervix could crush walnuts. 

But before we get too excited there was this conversation - 

Me: "This might actually happen."
RE: "Don't get your hopes too far up.  You know your body is predictably unpredictable."

I will know Monday if I have to pay for this IVF cycle.  I think the fact that we haven't had to fork over the money is a good indication of how this cycle is hanging on by a thread.  

But we are still hanging on.  That's the important part.

Jeremy went back East on Thursday so rather than spend another weekend alone (sorry cats), I drove to my parents' house in AZ.  I'm there now.  It's nice to be around them.  I had to pack all my meds in a cooler for the drive.  My mother takes insulin so we do our shots together.  Mine are waaay more impressive...come on ONE shot?  If you can even call that a shot...

Today we went to a local casino.  With my family, if there are more than two of us together for any substantial period of time (let's say a day) there is usually a casino involved.  I had my meds in the car (once again the trusty cooler) and I was going to stick myself in the parking lot.  I just couldn't.  Even after washing my hands and swabbing the felt so dirty.   So I waited til I got home.  A few hours late, but done none the less.   All went well even if in my post-casino daze i did stick myself with the Follistim before dialing the dose.  So four pokes instead of three, but who's counting?

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  1. Places I did my shots during my IVF cycle:

    Chicago hotel
    McDonald’s bathroom (somewhere in Indiana)
    PETCO Stadium bathroom (San Diego, CA)
    B’s work parking lot
    California hotel
    Italian Restaurant parking lot
    Venice Beach parking lot
    Mall bathroom
    French restaurant bathroom

    I was not enamored with it but it was either that, or not get my shots at the right time, or go nowhere and do nothing.