Thursday, June 18, 2009

Short and Sweet

ET is tomorrow.

I'm nervous, but a little positive.  

I bought my first "baby" thing today at our local Supermarket.  It's a kids' book called "Cat" (see above).  When I showed my husband he said we can either read it to our child if this works or use it to pick out what kind of kitten we're going to get if it doesn't work.

Huge win/little win.

The PIO shots have been pretty painless, but they are just starting to take their toll.  My butt is feeling a little achy.  I'm also unbelievably tired which is probably good cause I'll go to sleep early and wake up early for the transfer.  (Not too early...sytycd results show is tonight). Have to leave my house by 5:30 AM (eek!) so I can get acupuncture done at the clinic before and after the transfer.  Whipping out the big guns I am.

My parents are here because they are awesome.  My DH is leaving right from ET to the airport to visit his dad.  So since I'm stuck in bed my parents very happily drove the 7 hours to come stay with me and cater to my every whim.

I am very lucky.  I know this.  Whether this works or not, I am VERY lucky.

Okay so maybe this wasn't that short...


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I hope you get the BIG WIN!

    What sweet parents you have. Enjoy being pampered. ;)

  2. I am sending every positive thought I have your way. Well, except for the one about my plane not crashing, since I need to fly tomorrow and I'm scared as usual. But every OTHER thought.

    So much love and luck and hope and everything else to you....

  3. Good luck! Sending positive thoughts your way. :-)

  4. Goodluck! I have everything crossed for you.

  5. I hope everything went well today, and that you're resting up! Good luck :)

  6. You husband is adorable and your parents rock. I'm hoping for the BIG win:)

  7. I'm hoping and praying for the best for you! I've been thinking of you all day, and I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear!

  8. Your Dh is too funny. We are going for the big win!!Can't wait to hear about your transfer.