Thursday, May 14, 2009

99 Thanks for Visiting the 99¢ Store

Check out my stash.  Pretty impressive isn't it?  Ok, honestly that's not mine.  That's my best friend's. Mine were already bagged.  But trust me my 99¢ pregnancy tests are just as bountiful.

I trigger Friday Night for an IUI on Sunday.  Should be fun.  What will definitely be fun is testing out that trigger.  I can't way to see positive pregnancy tests no matter why they're positives.

And why is my friend buying a ton of tests, too? (Sweet alliteration!)  She went off the pill a few months ago and hasn't gotten her AF yet.  So I have now taught her the art of the OPK and the beauty of the cheap Pregnancy Test.

This is an exciting time for us.  Who will win the conception race?  And when she does how much will I hate her?  Only time will tell!

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