Thursday, May 7, 2009

Unhappy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday.  31.  A very unexciting year to be.

And yesterday was probably in the top 5 worst days of my life.

We found out my FIL's cancer is pretty aggressive.  Yesterday they gave him weeks or months to live. 

(I know the following pale in comparison to the previoius - but I'm listing them anyway)

I had a really hard blood draw.  I HATE needles.  And yesterday, as two nurses tried to dig around and find a vein it was just proof that I'm not a wuss...I'm a SUPER hard stick.

I thought I was going to start stims but my estrogen level came back elevated so now it looks like there is a chance we'll have to cancel this IVF.

All this piled on top of the regular stress I have.....

And yet this morning is another day.  I feel better.  I'm not crying non-stop.  I'm surprised at my optimism. 

Here is hoping this is the last downer post for a long time.  Nothing but good news from now on.

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