Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tight Like a Tiger

(An image I got when I googled "cervix")

I had my IUI today.   There were amazing things and not so great things, but the bottom line is I'm lying on the couch with the best chance I've ever had to get pregnant.

My follicle count keeps getting smaller.  Today we only had one.  But that one was abig beautiful follicle already spouting.  I didn't know follicles can spout, but I guess that means they are getting ready to release the egg.  Pretty cool!

My husbands sperm....FANTASTIC NEWS.  They don't test morphology before an IUI, but they do test count and motility.  His count was up a little, but his motility rose from about 20% last time to over 80% this time!  So there was something like 30 million sperm ready for transfer this morning.  Now we also have severe morphology issues, but I'm hoping that those numbers also rose a little big.

The actual transfer.   So my body doesn't like to give anything up.  I've already talked about how I'm a hard stick.  Here's my bruised arm for proof.....
(Should have seen it at it's darkest...)

Well it turns out I'm a hard IUI too.  I don't want to brag, but my cervix is tight.  REALLY tight.  I broke several of the Doctor's catheters today.  Let just say after twenty minutes,  a cervical clamp (youch!) the words "I'm going to tug on your cervix now" and a swabbing to clean up the blood (gross!) it finally happened.   Doctor 1 - Cervix - 0.

I don't feel very positive today, but I do believe there is a chance this will work.  Beta on my father's birthday, May 29th.  POAS commences in 8ish days.  Wish me luck.

Look at that a full post and I haven't even mentioned the two babies born this week to my friends and family.

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