Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Good Day

So many good things today:

My favorite nurse got my blood with only one poke (compared to the FIVE and twenty minutes of digging on my last visit....until we gave up without giving blood)

I found out I'm doing an easy trigger shot in the stomach instead of a big ol' needle in the butt.

I have two very pretty follies that will hopefully finally let me see a positive pregnancy test. (but honestly I think since I'm triggering I might just have to POAS to see that positive)

My husband is taking me to San Fran on Saturday to see my beloved NY Mets play.  

And professionally me and my writing partner kicked ASS today!  This is our staffing season which means we meet with lots of different people and hope that one of them will hire us.  Today we NAILED our interview.  I think it's not a matter of will we work but where will we work. Plus our agent called our pilot idea "genius".  And I kind of agree.  How cool to be excited to write again?

Happy Days!

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