Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Kittens are Coming!

This has been a pretty sad weekend.  My DH is in PA visiting his father.  Things are getting worse and it's just a matter of how many months til he is no longer with us.

This dwarfs my problems I know.

But it is hard not to feel lonely without DH around.  I've spent the past few days on the computer-watching tv- eating- and sleeping.  Oh right also taking a big pile of pills and suppositories.  Fun.

The cats were out of food so I took a trip to PetSmart where they were having cat adoptions.  I always torture myself by looking at the cats and imagining all the ones that aren't lucky enough to be fostered or adopted.  So I started talking to the lady running the adoptions and....

We going to foster a litter of kittens!!!!

How does this not make everything sooooo much better?

The last time we had bad news about FIL we bought a tie for Newman to wear.   Cute cats make everything better. for "symptoms" aka why do I torture myself?

This morning I was constipated.  Aren't you glad you know that?
I had bad stabbing pains in my lower parts last night.  Could it be the suppository I had just thrust up in there?
My back hurt a lot last night.  Oh wait, I often have back pain.
Vivid I always have.

Actually the dream was kind of funny.  I often have night terrors.  I've had them since I was little (best a sleepover I was the first one asleep "woke up" and swore all my friends were dressed in civil war uniforms.)  so I've learned that if I think I'm covered in spiders or if looks like there is a giant in the corner....I should just go back to sleep.

But last night I "woke up" and there was this shiny little embryo looking ball that was flying towards me.  Now instead of going back to sleep, I panicked, brushed it away and ran in to the bathroom before I had my moment of clarity.  "Oh, yeah.  I'm probably dreaming."

I returned to my bed and the two grumpy cats whose beauty sleep I had disturbed.

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  1. Awesome on fostering kittens. I love my cats, but I don't think I could handle a litter of kittens again--all that climbing up the curtains and wandering into small spaces. Yeah, couldn't do it. Glad there's people like you!